6 - 9 Days





18 years



In 2009 the presenters of the popular TV program TopGear ditched the Stelvio Pass in Italy to praise the TransFagrasan Road in Romania as:

“the greatest driving road in the world.”

On this Romania Driving Tour experience not only, the TransFagarasan, but the pristine landscapes, deep forests and scenic driving routes of the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania.

We combine the TransFagarasan Road with the majestic TransAlpina Highway and send you on an unforgettable six day journey over the most scenic drives of Romania, dotted with countless castles and monasteries.


Stay at 2nd night at UNESCO town of Sibiu and drive to visit the iconic Corvin Castle.

What's Included

Luxury Accommodation


BMW 4 - BMW X6

Programmed GPS for effortless navigation

Printed Day-by-Day Road-Book in English

Private Arrival Transfer from local airport

NOT included

Flights not included

Day by day

Chauffeured transfer to your hotel.

Meet & Greet at your hotel for car handover and tour briefing.

North of Bucharest in the Carpathian Mountains a famous road climbs, twists and descends through the rich in unique wildlife of the Fagarasan Mountains.

Explore the spectacular TransFagarasan Highway and the many natural and man made attractions en route amid the unspoiled nature. On top of the high road on above 2000 meters above sea level enjoy lunch at Lake Balea.


Along the 91 kilometres (57 miles) highway you will drive past road-side waterfalls and up to the highest point on 2042 metres (6.699 ft) at Balea Lake.


In the late afternoon you will reach a picturesque town of Sibiu, where you will be based for the night.

Stay at Sibiu, Romania

Stay at second night at Sibiu to explore the UNESCO World Heritage the town has to offer. The ensembles of squares and the Germanic architecture in its old town is the legacy of 12th-century Saxon settlers.


Also we highly recommend the drive to Corvin Castle. This 15th-century Romanian fairytale castle is one of Europe’s largest castles. Dracula said to have been imprisoned there.

Stay at Sibiu, Romania

Drive the TransAlpina Road into the mysterious land of bloodthirsty vampires and howling wolves: Transylvania.


The Urdele Pass on the TransAlpina High Road is the highest driving route in Romania and will speak for itself. Expect  breathtaking views paired with lots of driving excitement.


Visit the open-air museum to learn about history and life in the Fagarasan Mountains about hundred years ago.


Make your way to the fairytale like mid-15th century Corvin Castle — one of Europe's biggest castles only allowing access over a thin wooden bridge.

In the afternoon you will reach your hotel, quietly set next to a park.

Stay near Baile Govora, Romania

At Transylvania — "the land beyond the forest" Romanians, Hungarians, Saxons and Roma have left traces and on today's drive will let you experience this mix of cultures, history and fast changing nature with green hills, blue rivers and endless forest.

Visit one of the world's most famous castles. Bram Stoker's vampire novel "Dracula" was inspired here at Bran Castle. Experience the history, the myth, the intrigue and the magic of this wonderful place before you continue your journey.


Stay overnight near Brasov ringed by the Carpathian and resplendent with gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture.

Stay near Brasov, Romania

Today get to drive the ancient routes linking Transylvania with the Walachia region and visit the impressive former home of the Romanian Royal Family.


The Neo Renaissance Castle of Peles is one of a kind and by man considered one of the most stunning castles in Europe.


After your visit sit down for lunch on the terrace of another castle close by. The way back to Bucharest will be sweetened with a nice secret backroad secretly hiding some of Romanias most scenic vistas on top of a mountain plateau.


Reach Bucharest in the later afternoon and spend the evening free & easy, while we pick up the car from your hotel. Enjoy the unique and hip atmosphere of this European metropole.

Stay at Bucharest, Romania

Drive to Porto Palermo for a beach day and visit at Ali Pashe Tepelena castle . Hotel in Himara.