Greece Self-Drive

3 - 6 Days





2 Years


6 days Self-Drive Mythical Peloponnese, Castles & Paths

Book this 6 Day Self-Drive tour to explore Mythical paths, Castles & the hidden beauties of the Peloponnese Peninsula! Visit traditional cities full of history and archaeological sites of great importance with the ease of our car rental! Tour in Argolis, Sparta, Mystras, Monemvasia, Diros Caves, Olympia, Delphi, Meteora....

Tour with your rented car at the byzantine town of Mystras, pay a visit at Sparta, founded in the 9th century and developed into the most powerful military city and explore the old town of Monemvassia, a perfectly preserved medieval settlement still inhabited! Visit the Diros Caves, which are perhaps the most important natural site in Greece and live a true cave experience!

With this Self-Drive tour you will visit the most important religious and athletic center in Greece, Ancient Olympia. Visit Naupactus, a beautiful seaside small town, tour at the Venetian Port and admire the view by the Venetian Castle. Continue your self driving experience with a tour in Delphi and visit the temple sacred to Apollo and the Ancient Oracle where it is said that Pythia delivered her oracles.  Visit Meteora and admire the creation of God and man, of the ageless monasteries of Meteora that combine both historical and religious treasures. Feel like you are standing between Earth and Sky!

Our experienced staff will provide insights for planning an itinerary, road trip routes and tips and many other recommendations for each place. Hire a car and you are ready to explore Greece with our self-drive holiday package that includes, hotels accommodation, on call support. This self-drive road trip, is the safest and most affordable option. In addition, we created the best road trips through a modern road network that makes our travels easy and safe. You can, in a very short time, reach wonderful parts of Western Greece and the Peloponnese.

Book this private classical 6-day customized tour in Peloponnese, and get enchanted by beautiful landscapes and feel like you live in another age!


  • Admire the stunning Canal of Corinth
  • Visit the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
  • Wander in the Romantic city of Nauplio
  • Explore Ancient Mycenae & Lion Gate
  • Travel back to time in Sparta
  • Explore the Tower Town of Mystras
  • Admire the Tower Town of Monemvasia
  • Visit the wonderful cities of Gythio & Areopolis
  • Get lost in Diros Caves
  • Ancient Olympia. The birthplace of Olympic Games
  • See the center of the world in Delphi
  • Explore the traditional  Village of Arachova
  • Marvel the famous Meteora and the Monasteries
  • See Thermopiles & the statue of Leonidas of 300

What's Included

6 Night's Hotel Accommodation

Hygiene measures

Car Insurance with CDW & Theft Waiver

24H Call support - 24H Road Assistance

Daily breakfast at your hotels

NOT included

Flights not included

Day by day

Total Driving Distance : 330 km  |  Estimated fuel consumption :  42 €  |  Estimated tolls :  12,4 €

Early in the morning our office representative will meet you at your hotel or AirBnb to deliver your car so that to depart from Athens and driving along the mainland coast to Peloponnese, you may have your first stop, 1 hour later, at the Canal of Corinth (6 km length and 80m height). Soon you will reach at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, one of the best Ancient Theatres worldwide with amazing acoustic. You will stop for lunch or a coffee break, at one of the most romantic towns of Greece, the seaside town of Nafplio, first capital city of Modern Greece. Then, you will continue your self driving tour to the archaeological site of Mycenae, an ancient town with great power during the ancient years, with the famous ‘’Gate of Lions’’ and the ‘’Atreus King Tomb’’. Your first day will be finished at the famous town of Sparta for overnight.

Total Driving Distance : 185 km  |  Estimated fuel consumption :  25 €  |  Estimated tolls :  0 €

During your second day, you will first visit the unique Museum of Olive Oil of Sparta, a great Museum showing the unique history of olive production in Greece. You continue this excellent self driving experience, to the nearby glory Byzantine town of Mystras. Let yourself be captivated by this destination’s medieval splendour. Wander around the castle city the Upper and the Lower Town, and sense through the silence the city's sheer grandeur: the Palace of the Despots (Anaktora), the Houses of Laskaris and Frangopoulos, the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Dimitrios and the impressive Monasteries of Our Lady Pantánassa, and of Οur Lady Perivleptos. Afterwards, you will visit the second famous Tower Town of Peloponnesse, Monemvassia, a mystical stone-built settlement, nestled at the edge of a big rock by the sea that was founded by the Byzantines in the sixth century. Peer into the history of the fortress –the so-called “Gibraltar of the East”–, which was occupied by the Byzantines, the Crusaders, the Venetians, and the Turks in the past. Wander around its narrow cobbled streets, the Upper and the Lower part of the town, and admire the beautifully restored stone buildings. We suggest you to taste culinary delights at a fine restaurant on the roof of a tower house. Late in the afternoon you will return in Sparta for overnight.

Meals: Breakfast

Total Driving Distance : 275 km  |  Estimated fuel consumption :  40 €  |  Estimated tolls :  0,75 €

After your breakfast, you will take your rented car and leave Sparta and after a short stop at the picturesque small coastal town of Gythio, you arrive at Areopolis and Diros, famous for its marvelous subterranean caves, as a part of an underground river. About 5,000 meters have been exposed and accessible by small boats and through narrow passageways, surrounded by formations of stalagmites and stalactites. Caves have served as places of worship in Paleolithic and Neolithic times and their inhabitant believed that the caves were the entrance to the underworld. You can also visit the local museum and then we continue to some of the most beautiful places of Southern Peloponnese, the coastal villages of Stoupa and Kardamili, for swimming or lunch. You pass by the town of Kalamata and you will finally arrive at Ancient Olympia for overnight.

Meals: Breakfast

Total Driving Distance : 220 km  |  Estimated fuel consumption :  32 €  |  Estimated tolls :  13,50 €

Start early in the morning your self drive tour by visiting the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, the place that the first ever Olympic Games took place in 776 B.C. Ancient Olympia lies in the lush valley formed by the Alfios river. There you will see the temple of Zeus the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece. Dedicated to Zeus, in antiquity the temple was housing one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient world, the gold and ivory statue of Zeus, which Phidias had created.  Visit the temple of Hera, the shrine of Pelops (one of the oldest in the sanctuary), the Council house where the athletes took the Olympic oath, the Treasury houses, the Gymnasium and the Palestra where they used to exercise for a month prior to the Games and finally the Stadium, where the marble starting blocks are still in position! Although secluded near the west coast of the Peloponnese, Olympia became the most important religious and athletic center in Greece. Leaving Ancient Olympia, we suggest that you pay a visit at the wine castle, with a unique landscape with the stunning view, founded in 1861, the oldest winery in Greece. Then you will cross over the amazing bridge of Rio – Antirio, one of the biggest in Europe, in order to reach at Naupactus. We recommend you having a lunch in this beautiful seaside small town, surrounded by the Venetian Castle, next to the Venetian Port. Afterwards, you will reach at Delphi for Overnight.

Meals: Breakfast

Total Driving Distance : 235 km  |  Estimated fuel consumption :  35 €  |  Estimated tolls :  5,6 €

After your breakfast, you will visit the archaeological site of Delphi. You will visit the Ancient Oracle, the Stadium, the Ancient Theatre which can host more than 5000 seated spectators and of course the Museum of Delphi, where you can admire the ‘’Charioteer’’, one of the best bronze statues ever! Delphi is perhaps best known for the oracle at the sanctuary that was dedicated to Apollo during the classical period. Continuing your excellent self driving vacations,  you will depart to reach the village of Arachova, the most bustling winter destination in Greece, a mountainous village at 1000 meters altitude. Discover the traditional character of the village by taking a coffee or lunch break. Don’t forget to try the famous, traditional cheese, Arachova’s formaela, in various forms. Departing from Arachova and driving through Central Greece, you will arrive in Kalambaka, a small traditional town that is built at the foot of the majestic grey rocks of God, at the shadow of the great Meteora Monasteries. Overnight in Meteora.

Meals: Breakfast

Total Driving Distance : 360 km  |  Estimated fuel consumption :  45 €  |  Estimated tolls :  12,75 €

You may start at 09.00hrs in order to visit the monasteries of Meteora, having your first stop at The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoro, the biggest and oldest one of all. It was called the monastery that was "suspended in the air" (meteoro), because of the formation of the gigantic rock on top of which it was built. your second visit may be to the great monastery of St. Stephan. The Monastery of St. Stephan is a small church built in the 16th century and decorated in 1545. This monastery rests on the plain rather than on a cliff. This wonderful tour will be completed at the picturesque village of Kalambaka, where you will have a traditional Greek lunch! Then, you will leave from Meteora with your rented car to return to Athens and complete your self driving tour package, with a short stop at Kamena Vourla at the seaside and Thermopiles where you may admire the statue of Leonidas which was placed there as a memorial of the battle of the 300 Spartans against thousands of Persian soldiers of the Persian Empire. Overnight in Athens. (Next morning our office representative will meet with you at your hotel to pick up the rented car)

Meals: Breakfast