6 - 9 Days



High, Medium



9 Day Guided Enduro Motorcycle Tour in Central Cuba

Join Profil Cuba-Reisen and ride the most scenic & panoramic roads of Cuba! This scenic and panoramic motorbike tour will lead you through scenically very attractive stages and this tour contains beach stays at Atlantic and Caribbean shores, city nightlife, as well as low mountain range passages. With an enduro, the most suitable motorbike for Cuba’s street conditions, your tour will be unforgettable, being able to reach the furthermost corners and the most delightful places of the island.

Key information

  • Terrain: asphalt with different qualities
  • Bike: rental bike
  • Riding gear: not included
  • Mileage: 1,190 kilometers / 739 miles
  • Daily rides: 50 - 220 kilometers / 31 - 137 miles
  • Meals: all breakfasts

What's Included


Rental motorbike (from noon of the second day until 2 p.m. of the penultimate day)

Luggage storage for the duration of the tour

Maps for every stage

NOT included

Flights not included

Fuel (full-to-full-rule, roughly around 130 EUR)

Airport transfers


Support vehicle during the tour

Day by day

Explore Tirana. Hotel in Tirana.

Start point: Tirana International Airport, Krujë, Durrës, Albania

After breakfast, you discover the historical old town of Havana and its culinary highlights. You get back to your accommodation and afterward, change your clothes and take your motorbike at Parque Central. In order to get familiar with your bike, you do a short and relaxed tour throughout the city and get back to the hotel for dinner (optional).

You leave early today in order to avoid working up a sweat in city traffic. Your first longer stage leads you over narrow roads to Matanzas and finally to Jagüey Grande. You spend the night at “Bohíos de Don Pedro” resort or at the simple but attractive resort of Guamá. The next morning, you pay a visit to the crocodile farm of Guamá.

You take the road along the Bay of Pigs up to Girón where invading troops, trained by the American CIA, landed in April 1961. They attempted to overthrow the Cuban revolutionary government which was established two years earlier. Then, the president John F. Kennedy half-heartedly supported the unloved project which he had taken over from his predecessor. The invasion failed and nearly every invader was put into Cuban prisons.

If you like, you can get more information about the historical event in the little museum. You drive along the coast on poorly maintained roads up to Cienfuegos and have a little break. Afterward, you follow Carretera del Sur up to Trinidad where you will stay overnight in Las Cuevas hotel or in a smart Casa Particular. After dinner in a private restaurant (optional), you enjoy the vibrant nightlife in the city streets.

After a short tour through the historical city center of the former sugar metropolis, you continue your one-day excursion to the Valley of the Sugar Mills, embedded in a wonderful landscape northeast of Trinidad. From the observation tower “Torre de Iznaga”, formerly used to monitor the slaves working in the sugarcane fields, you can let your gaze wander over the huge sugarcane fields to “Topes de Collantes”, the central region of the Escambray Mountains. After your return, you spend another night in Trinidad or at a beach hotel on Ancón Peninsula.

Today, you traverse the central region of the Escambray Mountains, Topes de Collantes. Driving past the Hanabanilla Dam, you finally reach Santa Clara after two hours drive. The conquest of the city on December 29th, 1958, by Revolutionary Troops under the command of Ernesto Che Guevara, finally led to the victory over the army of the Cuban dictator and president Fulgencio Batista. Three days later, he fled into exile in the US, the Public Treasury of Cuba with him. After a short stop in the city, you make your way through Remedios up to Cayo Santa María where you spend the night at an attractive all-inclusive hotel.

Your motorbike trip continues, shortly after leaving “Terraplens”, the connection between the archipelago of Cayo Santa María and the main island, you take a short break in Remedios in order to marvel at the unique colonial city center. Along the coast and using the Carretera del Norte, you reach Varadero after a few hours of drive. You stay overnight in Varadero which is the best-known bathing spot of Cuba.

You seize the opportunity to explore the peninsula in the morning. After lunch at your hotel, you check out and arrive in Havana after a few hours of drive on Carretera del Norte on a lovely track almost without traffic. You return the motorbikes and check into your next hotel, located in the old city of Havana. You review the highlights of your tour during dinner together.

This day is at leisure. If you want to stay some more days in Cuba, Profil Cuba-Reisen would be pleased to help you with an additional booking.

Notes: Profil Cuba-Reisen usually books the hotels mentioned. Unfortunately, it is possible that Profil Cuba-Reisen has to alter the reservation at short notice because of the current capacity situation. This could occasionally lead to changes in the itinerary.